Rowena, Murobond and The Creative Crew


Recently we sat down with Rowena, a member of HydroSkin’s local creative community and one of our first customers!

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Saying Goodbye to our Fave Local Creative

HydroSkin Care Local Community

We’re chatting with Sarah, who’s shop Small Spaces (just around the corner from HydroSkin HQ!) has just closed. Sarah’s creative contribution to the local community has been selfless, diverse and unprecedented. She worked to create an amazing platform which supported and promoted emerging artists, while also exhibiting local and international creatives.

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Meet Sally, Our Skincare Aficionado!

HydroSkin Care Nurse Sally

Today we’re chatting with Sally, a specialised cosmetic nurse and all round skincare expert! We’ve been keen to pick her brains and learn her skincare tips for a while now.

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The HS Story: Part 3 - Inspiration, Design and Accessibility

HydroSkin Care Ethical Skincare

HydroSkin was developed by two individuals seeking honest, pure, effective skincare. They wanted the highest quality ingredients in amounts which elicited actual results. Sounds simple right? But after thorough research, they realised products like this were extremely difficult to find, if they were available at all...

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Double Cleansing: Fad or Fab?

HydroSkin Double Cleanse Natural Cleanser

Double cleansing is the new buzzword being thrown around the beauty sphere at the moment, but what's it all about? And are there tangible benefits to your skin?

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The HS Story - Pt 2: How It's Made

HydroSkin Care Beakers

At HydroSkin we believe that for skincare to be effective, it needs to be freshly made. Ideally we like our customers to use our product within three to six months of it being created, however it has a shelf life of 18+ months.

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HydroSkin's 3 Steps - How and Why

1 + 2 + 3 = Hydro Mist + HA Serum + C Moisturiser on clean skin morning and night. It is all you need and the results are amazing.

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The HS Story - Part 1: Our Place in Skincare History


The creators of HydroSkin developed their unique line of skincare in response to the lack of honest, effective products on the market. They wanted high quality ingredients in amounts which elicited actual results. Not false claims, fillers and preservatives. The two sought to make skincare with minimal ingredients and maximum results.

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Our Winter Oil Is Here!

HydroSkin Care Winter Oil

Come and get acquainted with our new Winter Oil! It contains only two ingredients - both natural, plant based oils - one of which is native to Australia! The oils mimic the skin’s natural sebum, meaning it sinks in quickly without leaving oily residue.

Created for customers seeking an extra boost of hydration - specifically in cold, dry climates. This oil gives your skin the extra protection it needs to naturally reduce moisture loss, particularly during the winter months.

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Know Your Greens: Treating Your Skin From The Outside In

HydroSkin Know Your Greens Silverbeat Recipe

Skin is our largest organ. Fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to get your skin looking it’s best from the inside out!

The benefits and nutrients in spinach, kale, watercress and rocket will dramatically increase the health of your hair and skin!

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