Travel Tips: Keeping Skin Healthy During the Holidays

What Happens To My Skin When I Travel?
How Can I Avoid It? 

Drying: Air conditioned, recycled, pressurised air has a dramatic drying effect on the skin. Dry skin brings out fines lines and wrinkles, making you look older.
   Remedy: Be preventative. Start with a restorative mask the night before. This will  
   prepare your skin for the harsh conditions that will follow and reduce drying from
   flights and airports. Try our organic Manuka Honey Face Mask. While in flight, spray
   yourself with our Hydro Mist for a burst of freshness and hydration.

Stress: Travelling, particularly by air, can be a stressful experience. Stress is a deeply unpleasant experience and can also accentuate tiredness and signs of ageing.
   Remedy: Make sure you’re prepared before you leave, and give yourself ample time to
   get from A to B. If you need a burst of energy, squirt our organic Kakadu Plum Ultimate
   C Serum under your tongue. It’s food grade and perfect for a high dose of Vitamin C
   and reinvigoration.

Lack of Sleep: It’s no secret that travelling makes you tired. Whether you’re cramped in the seat of a car, or on a plane, sleep is difficult to come by when travelling. This can mean arriving at your destination looking dull and worn out.
   Remedy: Fight the signs of tiredness with hydration - keep the water up. To combat
   dark circles around your eyes, rub our Kakadu Plum Ultimate C Serum around the
   under-eye area during your journey and just before arrival.

Most importantly, keep your Travel Pack handy to counteract the general dehydrating effects of air travel. All bottles are less than 100 ml so they comply with airline security regulations and allow you to combat drying while you fly. The pack comes in a secure re-saleable plastic pouch, perfect to throw in your carry on and protect your bag from potential pressure leakages! Use in the air and land at your destination refreshed and glowing!


I Only Want To Travel With One Product…

The Kakadu Plum Ultimate C Serum is perfect for the paired-back traveler who doesn’t want to bring their full skincare regime with them when they’re on the move. The Ultimate C Serum is an excellent eye cream, it will hydrate and maximise cell regeneration to reduce fine lines and dark circles that develop from exhausting journeys. The super high concentrate of natural Vitamin C also promotes the growth of collagen and elastin, while evening and brightening skin tone.

HydroSkin Care Kakadu Plum Ultimate C Serum
Our Kakadu Plum Ultimate C Serum 

Changing Weather Conditions

If you’re holidaying by the sea, skin can become dry and tired from continued exposure to salt and sun, meaning it’s extra important to keep it hydrated - from both inside and out. Be sure to drink lots of water and apply our The 3 Steps liberally. It will help restore skin and keep it plump and firm. Be particularly generous with the [HA] Serum, as Hyaluronic Acid is a hydration powerhouse and the key ingredient for plumping and firming.

Exposure to the sun is also directly linked to increased and premature signs of ageing. Make sure you are religious in your sunscreen application and limit time in the sun. A tan now is not worth the sun damage, health problems, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles that will follow. However, if you do get burnt, our Kakadu Plum Ultimate C Serum is clinically proven to reduce damage from sun and UVA/B rays. Apply it liberally until the redness reduces.

If your skin needs some extra healing after exposure to the sun, wind or other harsh weather conditions - or if it just needs a boost of vibrance after some exhausting days on-the-go - apply our organic Manuka Honey Face Mask and leave it on for 30 - 60 minutes. Your skin will feel revived and luminous!

The extreme cold on an alpine holiday will dramatically dry out your skin! The 3 Steps will help your skin combat this, but we also recommend our Winter Oil, specifically designed for these weather conditions . This oil matches the squalene (oil) found naturally in the sebum (the sebaceous glands that keep the skin and hair moisturised) and contains only ingredients, both of which are natural. It is easily absorbed into the skin and will protect it from moisture loss. Our Winter Oil is also fabulous for giving skin a dewy, luminous glow. Apply daily and/or add it to your foundation an illuminated look.

Our lips and eyes are very susceptible to environmental changes, particularly harsh sun, winds and air-conditioning. Applying the Kakadu Plum Ultimate C Serum around the eye area will protect and restore it’s sensitive skin, while Kakadu Plum extract’s proven benefits for sun damage can soothe and heal skin that has been overexposed to UVA/B rays.

Your nails can suffer from the dehydrating effects of the elements. Keep them strong and protected by massaging your cuticles with Winter Oil, [HA] Serum or the Kakadu Plum Ultimate C Serum.

Wishing you happy and safe travels. Let us know how your adventures go!

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