The HS Story: Part 3 - Inspiration, Design and Accessibility

HydroSkin Care Ethical Skincare

HydroSkin was developed by two individuals seeking honest, pure, effective skincare. They wanted the highest quality ingredients in amounts which elicited actual results. Not false claims, fillers and preservatives.

Sounds simple right? But after thorough research, they realised products like this were extremely difficult to find, if they were available at all. 

The two sought to make skincare with minimal ingredients and maximum results. Initially they began creating formulas just for themselves, but when locals and friends began to comment on the improvements in their skin, they decided to share their creations. 

HydroSkin Care Results The 3 StepsOne of our customers who experienced significant reduction in hyper-pigmentation (age spots) after using The 3 Steps.

One of the founder’s was raised by women passionate about effective skincare. As she observed her mother and aunts develop their own skincare products and avidly research and discuss ingredients, she developed a fascination for considered skincare. She is now HydroSkin’s ingredients expert and is the brains behind the products' composition and how to optimise them for healthy skin.

Parish Stapleton, the second founder, had a background in luxury retail and consumer marketing for the top 3%. His roles where varied and included, creative direction, art direction, styling and photography for brands such as Channel, Tom Ford, Prada, Gucci, etc. As HydroSkin evolves, he draws from this knowledge and experience to develop and design the brand so it is both luxurious and accessible.

HydroSkin Care Range Natural Ethical SkincareOur Range (minus our newest creation - the Salt Scrub with Alaea Red Clay).

The longer Parish worked in the world of luxury, whether skincare or couture, the more the lie and deception behind the brands was revealed. For example, Estee Lauder is an umbrella company that includes a total of 30+ brands, from Aveda to Zegna with LaMer in the middle. While we as consumers all perceive these brands to be unique and different - they’re not. This skincare company only makes up one of the many corporate conspiracy monopolies that fill the market. The continued discovery of this deception whittled away at his belief in brand authenticity and integrity. Though the brands where seductive in their appearance their core philosophies where counter to his own.

This changed with HydroSkin.

Though selling was the aim of the game in his retail career, the coalescence of how beautiful aesthetic and design, interact, enhance and contribute to the consumer’s life was always his passion and core focus. When HydroSkin transformed from an idea into a consumer commodity, Parish’s beliefs and background intertwined with the brands aesthetics and values. With that came the responsibility of creating a brand that was not only honest in its contents, but also its message and identity. Through HydroSkin, Parish aims to create simple yet stimulating design that enhances the consumer’s everyday life while disrupting skincare conventions.  

HydroSkin Care Design HydroSkin's design development. 

It is important to Parish that the brand feel inclusive to everyone. After all, we’ve all got skin. That's why HydroSkin is unisex and appropriate for almost all skin types. HydroSkin is attempting to dispel the myths that marketers have been trying to sell you for years. Skin is skin - regardless of gender, age, body type, ethnicity etc. Despite what most brands might tell you, you only need a small variety of well designed products to achieve your healthiest skin. And that philosophy underpins everything HydroSkin does. 

After perfecting the product composition, HydroSkin moved on to packaging. When it was being developed the main concern was protecting the integrity of the ingredients. Airless packaging was the most effective way to do this as it stops oxygen, light and water from from spoiling ingredients which have been notoriously difficult to store and keep effective - eg. Vitamin C. The exterior design followed. Its appearance had to be simple, understated and elegant while remaining inclusive to all.

This unique approach to skincare keeps HydroSkin at the forefront of innovation and accessibility. It is of the upmost importance to us that our products are as effective as possible, without breaking the bank.

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The story behind Hydroskincare befits the product! The passion and research this company has put into its product and presentation is a credit to them. Myself and my clients love Parish, his team and his skincare range. We all thank you.

Salshaven April 21, 2017

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