Meet Sally, Our Skincare Aficionado!

HydroSkin Care Nurse Sally

Today we’re chatting with Sally, a specialised cosmetic nurse and all round skincare expert! We’ve been keen to pick her brains and learn her skincare tips for a while now.

We’re in Sally’s rooms at Cosmedical Clinic where she has just finished up with a long time patient who couldn't sing her praises any louder! Sally has 35+ years experience in nursing, with at least 30 of those being in the cosmetic industry.

As we chatted, Sally lamented about how little was known about the benefits of skincare when she entered the industry…

HydroSkin Care Expert Quote

“So you're a skincare supporter?”

“Definitely, definitely!”

And while Sally agreed that skincare can have phenomenal benefits, she clarified  -  “There are certain products that are better than others for improving or preparing skin”.

Her holy trinity? Vitamins A, B and C.

Her favourite? Vitamin B.

“It’s an antioxidant, it’s anti-inflammatory and it helps with pigmentation and hydration of the skin”.

Unsurprisingly, when asked which part of her skincare routine she couldn’t live without, it was HydroMist which contains two different forms of Vitamin B!

HydroSkin HydroMist
             HydroMist - Vitamin B3 + B5 

We started chatting about Sally’s typical daily routine, - “I start with the HydroSkin Cleanser which is lovely and soft - it cleans the skin but is also gentle and doesn't dry it out”. She is an avid 3 Steps user, but stresses the importance of correct application. 

“It’s best to apply products to your skin while it’s a bit damp, as they’re absorbed better, increasing effectiveness. Having HydroMist as the first step helps this.”

Sally’s been using HydroSkin for the past twelve months, and I was interested in learning about the changes her skin has experienced, and her results.

HydroSkin Care Skincare Expert We discussed how interesting it is that often people are too harsh about their own appearance, and it takes other peoples comments to highlight how good they actually look.

“I think everyone’s much more critical about the way they look compared to how people perceive them. People see their lines more than anybody else can - nobody really looks at you like that!”

HydroSkin Care Sally Skincare Expert
            Sally in her rooms. 


Sally says one of the main factors which inspired her to become a retailer was the positive response her patients had to changes in her skin.

HydroSkin Care Expert Quote 
However, Sally does admit it can be tricky to get people to change their skincare routine, because they’ve got their favourites.

“But when they’ve tried HydroSkin, they’ve loved it. And anyone who’s started on it has continued to use it.”

As well as being a retailer, Sally uses HydroSkin products during procedures, to help products and treatments penetrate the skin more deeply, and to assist with the healing process afterwards.

“The Kakadu Plum especially helps with healing, it speeds up the lessening of skin’s redness.”

When asked about the key changes Sally has observed in her patients after consistent use of HydroSkin, she reveals increased hydration and reduced pigmentation are the most noticeable.

As our skincare expert, we finished up our chat with Sally by asking if she could debunk a common skincare myth for us - something her patients and peers consistently buy into. Interestingly, it wasn’t an old wives tale, but the willingness of people to believe that expensive products mean better results. In essence, the false claims and marketing made by big skincare companies.

HydroSkin Care Expert Quote We asked Sally to leave us with one skincare tip she recommends above all others -

“If you do nothing else for your skin, use sun protection! Whether it’s in your moisturiser, or a sunscreen after, make sure it’s between 30 and 50+ SPF”.

Well, there it is! Just as important as a good regime is protecting your skin from damage. We religiously follow our 3 Steps with a 50+ face sunscreen. But if you’re a little too late, there’s always Vitamin B to reduce pigmentation and Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract to reduce the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

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