Double Cleansing: Fad or Fab?

HydroSkin Double Cleanse Natural Cleanser

Double cleansing is the new buzzword being thrown around the beauty sphere at the moment, but what's it all about? And are there tangible benefits to your skin?

In essence, double cleansing means cutting through oily residue left by sunscreen and makeup and detoxifying your skin after exposure to every day pollutants. Once your skin is free from these impurities, your serums and creams will penetrate faster and more effectively!

While double cleansing has been thrown around a lot lately, women in the know have been embracing it for generations! For Japanese and South Korean women, double cleansing is an everyday routine. But lots of Western women have also been doing it for years before anyone gave it a name. It is the proper way to prepare your skin at night before applying products that nourish, hydrate, and repair it while you sleep.

In addition to make-up and sunscreen, our skin is subject to pollution, toxins and the grime that is in the air. That’s why it’s so important to remove all that daily residue at night to detoxify skin. We want to make sure there is nothing left on our skin that can clog our pores. The most effective way to do this is to apply a pre cleanse product before wetting your face and then rinse it away before using your cleanser. The pre-cleanse loosens the make-up and grime on your face so it’s completely washed away by your cleanser. 

HydroSkin Double Cleanse Pre CleanseOur natural Salt Scrub is the perfect first step in a Double Cleanse. 

You may think your current cleansing routine is doing a great job, but try double cleansing and you will feel and see the difference! 

Skin that isn’t thoroughly cleaned becomes dull because dirt and dead skin have not been completely removed. Leaving a surface layer of dirt and dead skin clogs your pores and reduces the effectiveness of the skincare products you use. They have trouble penetrating all that muck! Hydrating and revitalizing ingredients such as, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Niacinamide will be better absorbed when applied to truly clean skin. 

HydroSkin Salt Scrub Cleanser Double CleanseOur Salt Scub with Alaea Red Clay and our all-natural Cleanser.

Here are our two recommended pre-cleanse methods:

  1. Gentle Pre-cleanse (Make-up Remover + Cleanser)

HydroSkin’s Make-up Remover should be used to pre-cleanse your skin even if you haven’t been wearing make-up. It is not oily and uses a combination of organic aloe vera and olive ester (water soluble olive oil) to release dirt and make-up so it can be rinsed away. 

HOW TO: Apply two pumps of Make-up Remover to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply to dry skin. It is safe to use around your eyes to remove eye makeup. Use a cotton pad with the pre-cleanse to gentley remove mascara. Rinse off with water. Follow with our Cleanser. 

  1. Exfoliation Pre-cleanse (Salt Scrub + Cleanser)

 HydroSkin’s Salt Scrub contains Hawaiian Red Salt which is naturally infused with volcanic Alaea Clay. The salt is suspended in an avocado and olive cream base. It is highly nourishing, hydrating and detoxifying. HydroSkin’s Salt Scrub is gentle enough to use every night and superbly exfoliates and detoxifies as step one in a pre-cleanse. We recommend using this method at least two nights a week.

How To: Pre-cleanse by applying our Salt Scrub with Alaea Red Clay to dry skin. Rinse off. (Leave on for a few minutes before washing off for tougher removal of toxins.) Follow with our Cleanser. 

This skincare fad is actually beneficial! Double cleansing does have a positive effect on your skin by removing toxins and increasing the effectiveness of your skincare routine. Give it a go!



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