The HS Story - Pt 2: How It's Made

HydroSkin Care Beakers

At HydroSkin we believe that for skincare to be effective, it needs to be freshly made. Ideally we like our customers to use our product within three to six months of it being created, however it has a shelf life of 18+ months.

Most cosmetic companies make their products in very large batches. The product is packaged and often spends time in distribution centres, warehouses, freight between countries, retail stockrooms and finally ends up on the shelves. By this time the product can be over a year old before it reaches the consumers hands! And because of this most cosmetic companies load the products with preservatives to extend the shelf life. We don’t do that at HydroSkin!

Own Lab = Quality Control
We make small batches of all our products in our own lab! All HydroSkin products are made in house so we can control the ingredients and their quantities. This was a necessary as each lab we sought out tried to substitute our ingredients for less effective, poorer quality alternatives. We needed full autonomy over the process so we could be sure our products were as beneficial as possible. Our products are as fresh and powerful as possible when they reach your skin. When you receive your HydroSkin it will only be weeks or a few months old with very little preservatives added. The way we operate protects the integrity of our products and ensures that our top quality ingredients remain pure, giving you the most out of your HydroSkin range.

HydroSkin Care [HA] Serum Hyaluronic Acid
Our [HA] Serum has 3 ingredients. 

Ingredients: Quality + Percentages
Paramount to HydroSkin’s philosophy and its success is the quality of its ingredients.

  • All our ingredients are plant based
  • We use no animal products
  • We will not buy ingredients that have been tested on animals
  • We have signed up to PETA’s Cruelty Free list
  • We buy organic when possible
  • All products in our range are vegan friendly, bar our Manuka Honey Face Mask
  • We only purchase the freshest ingredients available
Where ingredients are sourced is also very important to us.

95% of our products come from reputable Australian suppliers. This may cost more, but we strongly support our Australian businesses! We are particularly excited about sourcing powerful skincare ingredients from plants indigenous to Australia, such as Kakadu Plum and Davidson Plum. Our goal is to continue finding extracts native to Australia that can cure and solve many skincare needs. The other 5% of our ingredients are imported from countries that ensure high regulatory protection such as the EU, USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

Before choosing an ingredient we examine how that ingredient is extracted from the source. Whether it be an oil or botanical extract we ensure there is no corrosive method used in extraction. Corrosive forms of extraction can damage and in some cases destroy the active benefits of the ingredient. For example, we only buy oils that are cold pressed and we only buy botanical extracts harvested by cellular extraction (bio-mimicry).

HydroSkin Care Petrie Dish

Let’s talk preservatives, we don’t use parabens! Our chosen, and only, preservative is germall plus. This is highly effective in protecting against bacteria, mould and fungus and can be used at very low percentages. We don’t use preservatives in our products above .05%. Without this our products would only have a shelf life of 24/48 hours in the fridge! Water loves to become infected with bacteria, mould and fungus and we don’t want to harm your skin!

For active ingredients, the percentages that we use are equal to or greater than amounts tested and proven to be effective in independent clinical trials. This means our products will have results that are the same, if not greater, than those tested and proven in clinical trials.  This is unlike many other skincare companies who use claims ingredients for marketing only.

We also believe in less is more when it comes to our ingredients. We have a number of products which contain between as little as 1 or 2 ingredients!

Our Kakadu Plum Ultimate C Serum has one ingredient - native, organic Kakadu Plum cellular extract. It is at the highest percentage found in any product in the market!

Our Mask contains 50% organic Manuka Honey with a UMF of 20+. That’s half the mask!

Australia is known for exporting our valuable native and natural resources - at HydroSkin we believe in utilising these amazing ingredients to create superior, Australian made and owned products!

No fillers, no aesthetic enhancers, if it doesn’t need to be there and it doesn’t do you any good - it’s not there. That’s why HydroSkin products do not have 30+ ingredients. Just the real stuff that works!


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