What is HydroSkinCare?


Two founders with one philosophy: to create a unique line of skincare that is honest & effective. 

1. The brains inside the bottle    

Is deeply influenced by her long family history of groundbreaking women. They were early 20th century medical and pharmacologic professionals who developed their own skin products alongside skin care innovator, Helena Rubinstein. Well before big business cosmeceuticals, these women looked at skincare in the context of chemistry and science and they understood the power of hydration, hydration, hydration long before it became an industry buzz word!

“Watching and learning from my family I have them to thank for instilling in me the core values HydroSkin was founded on.

2. The design master

comes from an extensive creative background in the world of luxury retail and consumer marketing for top 5% companies such as Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. However, the longer he worked in the world of luxury skincare & couture, the more the deception behind the brands became undeniable.
“My belief in brand authenticity and integrity was diminishing and though the brands were seductive in their appearance, their core philosophies were increasingly counter to my own.”



Are you aware that products that claim to contain certain ingredients may only be using them as a marketing ploy? Many products do NOT contain high enough percentages of active ingredients to be effective. 

The founders of HydroSkin set out to change skincare standards.

EVERY product contains active ingredients that are equal to or greater than amounts tested and proven to be effective in independent clinical trials.

That’s why they work!

HydroSkin works on the principle that less is more when it comes to ingredients. For example, the Kakadu Plum Serum only contains ONE ingredient - native, organic Kakadu Plum cellular extract. This is the highest percentage found in ANY PRODUCT in the market! In addition, the Manuka Honey Mask contains 50% of the active ingredient: organic Manuka Honey with a UMF of 20+. That’s half the mask!

No fluff, no hype, no fillers
that’s why HydroSkin products don’t have 30+ ingredients!

Hydroskin’s ingredients are:

  • PLANT based
  • ORGANIC where possible
  • NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS (we have signed PETA’s Cruelty Free list)
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY, bar our Manuka Honey Face Mask
  • The FRESHEST available


“The source of ingredients is extremely important to us. My grandfather always said, ‘you can find a cure for everything within nature’. He believed ultimately if you wanted to find a cure for something you looked to nature, that’s a key philosophy of HydroSkin!”

HydroSkin is particularly excited about sourcing powerful skincare ingredients from plants indigenous to Australia. Currently, two native extracts are in the range: Kakadu Plum and Davidson Plum.

HydroSkin’s goal is to continue finding extracts native to Australia that can cure and solve many skincare needs.

95% of HydroSkin’s ingredients come from reputable Australian suppliers. The other 5% are imported from countries with high regulatory protection such as the EU, USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

The extraction process is paramount to the efficacy of botanical ingredients. HydroSkin does not use ingredients that have been extracted via corrosive methods that damage and even destroy the active benefits of the ingredient. The range ONLY contains cold pressed oils and botanical extracts harvested by cellular extraction (bio-mimicry).


Fresh is best!  

Many cosmetic companies make their products in large batches. The products sit in distribution centres, warehouses, freight carriers between countries, stockrooms and retail shelves long before they reach your hands. To extend the shelf life the products are overloaded with preservatives. This is not the HydroSkin way!

All HS products are made in small batches at the in house lab.

This allows HS to have full autonomy over the process and complete control of the ingredients and their quantities. The small batch production method protects the integrity and purity of the ingredients, giving you maximum benefit with absolute minimal preservative.

When you receive your HydroSkin product it will be weeks old - NEVER years old!


HydroSkin is not only honest in its contents, but also its message and identity. Design aesthetic and how it interacts and enhances your life is a passion and core focus of the brand.

  • HydroSkin is inclusive & accessible
  • HydroSkin is gender neutral & appropriate for all skin types.
  • HydroSkin aims to dispel the myths that marketers have been selling you for years.
  • Skin is skin - regardless of gender, age, body type, ethnicity.
HydroSkin =  The best skincare ingredients at potency levels high enough to elicit ACTUAL results.
NO false claims, NO fillers

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