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Recently we sat down with Rowena, a member of HydroSkin’s local creative community and one of our first customers!

Rowena is an expert in the world of colour and works for Murobond Paints, within a thriving creative community of her own. While the building initially just housed the paint brand, it is now home to three other creative businesses.

“Collaboration was the whole reason for bringing people into the building. It used to just be Murobond, but then I thought, what we really need is liked minded people.”

The building, situated in Artarmon, also houses calligrapher, Glenda from Written By Hand, paper artist, Jo from Paper Couture, and Silvia from Lost and Found, a homewares shop fusing old and the new.

The team hosts market days and other events while also utilising each others creative skills and materials.

“Everyone uses our paint in some way… so it’s a nice community, it all feeds off each other”

Rowena heads marketing for Murobond, but her main focus is colour development, an intriguing aspect of the paint and colour world. This process involves putting pallets together, naming colours, matching colours and working with clients from reference points to find and create colours that are the right fit for their spaces.

For Rowena, one of the most rewarding aspects of this process is problem solving.

“I like a challenge... and coming up with a creative solution.”

And these challenges have unique complications! Rarely does Rowena get to see the spaces she designs for in person - many of her customers come in to choose a colour pallet for their house, and often the extent of Rowena’s immersion in these spaces is through photographs.

“The best part is when someone comes back and says ‘You nailed it, it’s fantastic.’”

In conjunction with Murobond’s core pallets, they have two creative colour collaborations - The Society Inc. with Sibella Court and Mr Jason Grant. Murobond also offers the possibility of mixing totally unique colours from visual references.

“People might come in with a photo, or a piece of fabric, so you work out a colour from there and mix it for them. But colour is interpretive, what your eye sees might differ from mine, so it’s about establishing a common ground there, through communication.”

Another interesting influence in peoples desire for / perception of certain colours are external factors like trends.

“I don’t really do trends. I don't see the relevance of it. Particularly, for example, for someone painting their house.”

For Rowena, the context of a job and it’s specific needs are much more important than what is fashionable. After all, when you paint your house, the idea is that the colour will be enduring, not seasonal.

HydroSkin really respects Rowena’s ethos, as ours is the same. Our products are created simply, for effective, long-lasting results.

Rowena was one of our first customers, and HydroSkin is still a fixture for her!

“Over the years I’ve used all different products, and never really thought much about my skin. But when Parish approached me and asked whether I’d like to use this product, I had nothing to loose, so I tried it.”

Rowena’s favourite product, beyond the core 3 Steps range, is the Salt Scrub with Alaea Red Clay for the softness and glow it gives her skin.

“I really was surprised at how it improved my skin. I definitely noticed a difference. I use it religiously.”

We thank Rowena for her continued support of HydroSkin and her creative inspiration. Take a look at the work Murobond does on their instagram or head over to their website for more information.

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Love working within the collective that is Murobond, and working along side this lovely lady is always fun. I have noticed the change in her skin, it glows from using these beautiful products. She is beautiful inside and out!
We all love Hydroskin products!!!

Glenda Davis May 24, 2017

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