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Hydrate, nourish, protect and strengthen your nails the natural way.  

Introducing HydroSkin’s Nail Oil.

100% natural - 100% effective


Each nail is made up of several layers of keratin cells.

Water molecules are so small they can move through and in-between these layers. When you wash your hands, your nails absorb water, weakening the keratin cells.

Your body’s natural oil (sebum) is located between the keratin cells, keeping your fingernails hydrated. The oil molecules are bigger than the water molecules, so they stay between the cells and do not move through them. Soap washes away the natural oils, drying your nails. Repeat this numerous times a day and you’re left with damaged, weak, thin and/or peeling nails.

Exposure to water is the number one cause of dry, damaged, weak, brittle nails.

Solvents assist; soap, shampoo, household cleaning products, nail polish remover, hand sanitisers etc.


The key to attaining strong, healthy, awesome looking nails is to:

  1. Put the oil back in your nails.
  2. Waterproof them so oil is maintained in the nail and protected from outside elements.

Nail Oil utilises five natural oils.

Sensolene is an extra fine version of squalene made from olive oil. It is the closest thing that matches the sebum produced by our own bodies. It is a super fine oil that can penetrate thus hydrate the nail.

Calendula and Cucumber Oil contain vitamins and amino acids that nourish and soften the nail and cuticle bed.

Jojoba and Meadowfoam Seed Oil are wax ester oils that act as a waterproofing agent to protect your nails against the elements.

These five oils combine to create an advanced formula that will transform your nails at any state.


  • Hydrate & nourish 
  • Protect & strengthen 
  • Repair & Restore 


Brush oil on bare nails, cuticles, and under nail tips. Rub into the entire area.

Firmly massage where the nail and the cuticle meet, this helps to increase the blood flow from where your nails grow.

When you first apply Nail Oil, your nails may feel a bit oily. Give it five! Over time your nails will absorb the oil more quickly and feel less oily.

If your nails are badly damaged, give it time! Nails take 3+ months to grow out. With continuous use, it will work!


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