The Perfect Sunscreen

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Are you searching for the perfect sunscreen? One that protects your skin from the sun without causing irritation? A light, non-greasy everyday formula. We are here to help!

Our go to? La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL Melt-in Cream

Protects against UVA and UVB! 

Different frequencies of ultraviolet light cause different types of damage to the skin.

UVB is what makes the skin tan, with too much causing the skin to burn, and worse causing skin cancers.  To protect itself the body produces extra melanin, the pigment in the skin.  The problem is that overproduction of melanin has the side effect of creating brown age spots on the skin. 

Physical blockers like zinc and titanium dioxide only protect against UVB light. The sun protection factor listed on sunscreens (30+ etc.) refers only to protection from UVB light, not UVA. 

UVA light penetrates much more deeply into the skin and contributes to the ageing of the skin, in other words, wrinkles and crepey skin. UVA penetrates down to the dermis layer of the skin causing the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibres so that the skin collapses from the inside. 

You truly need a sunscreen with both physical blockers and UVA blockers! The trick is finding a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate your skin.  Everyone is different and ultimately it is a process of trial and error.

We love La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL Melt-in Cream and hope you do too.  

It is non-greasy, light, smooth, feels great and is fragrance-free.

How to apply?

AM: Following the Three Steps

Safe for all skin types

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