The Power of Hydration

At HydroSkin, we are true evangelists for the power of water; it’s in our name after all! Since water makes up most of our body, the formation of plants and animals, and covers most of the Earth, it goes to show how important water is to the ecosystem and our existence. It helps us stay healthy, alert, energetic and happy. Hydration is what makes us most excited here, and we want to make sure all our friends know the importance of staying hydrated.

HS_Power of Hydration

Our body becomes dehydrated when we lose more water than we are consuming, resulting in dried out skin, inhibited bodily functions, and impaired cognitive thinking. You may lose fluid from excessive sweating, vomiting or diarrhoea, binge drinking, having a fever, or urinating too much. When your skin loses moisture, it becomes tight, fragile, dull, and susceptible to lesions, diseases and breakouts. As our skin is the largest organ, and the main protective barrier from bacteria and viruses, we must look after it everyday by consuming plenty of water to ensure that every skin cell functions properly in order to maintain healthy skin and a healthy immune system.

People often consume less water than recommended due to lifestyle habits, having a sore throat or aesthetic tastes, but realising the full potential of water can aid in the regulation of a healthy body and prevention of many illnesses like kidney failure, headaches, sunstroke and exhaustion. Many health experts have allegedly said you should drink eight cups of water a day, though this number is only a guideline and not a certified prescription. Also, you don’t have to consume this amount entirely by drinking water! You can reach an adequate level through the foods you eat, and other beverages that also contain water (Note that soft drinks, coffee and juices are high in sugar and caffeine, and may have an opposite effect). Foods that have high water content include fruit and vegetables, beans, oatmeal and broth-based soups. Eating such foods help reach your daily water intake.

HS_Power of hydration

Whilst there are debates on whether or not drinking large amounts of water produces radiant and younger-looking skin, you must remember that skin cells (like all body cells) are made of water, thus making water consumption crucial. Without a sufficient amount of water, the cells’ functions won’t operate effectively. Water also helps in digestion and the flushing of toxins through your body. Good, clean water looks after your kidneys, intestines and stomach, and helps your body to operate smoothly. Breakouts on your skin are usually the first giveaway that your internal organs are sick, and so ensuring that they healthy and happy result in happier, brighter skin!

Lastly, your brain survives by oxygen pumped in the blood cells. Drinking water regularly helps pump oxygen around your body, meaning you think better, faster and are more alert. Mild dehydration, which is a loss of 1%-2% body weight, affects the ability to concentrate; more intense dehydration, which is a loss of more than 2% body weight, inhibits processing abilities and affects short-term memory. When your cognitive power is impaired, you are worse at decision-making, using fine-motor skills, and are more forgetful, which in turn creates unwanted stress. Stress is bad for your skin as you may lose sleep, get sick, scratch and irritate your skin, and become prone to sores.

The beauty of water is that it is not patented, so accessing clean, quality water is easy enough for those in developed countries. If you’re having trouble enjoying this elixir, cut a few slices of your favourite fruit and let them infuse overnight for a healthy, tasty alternative to juice, energy drinks and coffee. Good combinations are: Cucumber, Lime and Mint; Orange, Lemon and Pineapple; Blueberries and Kiwifruit; Apple and Lime. Stay hydrated!



Images by Marty Lochmann  

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