Using HydroSkin For The First Time

Trialling HydroSkin

When trialling any new skincare range, it’s best to trial for at least four weeks to decide whether or not it works for your skin; therefore, we highly recommend using HydroSkin for at least one month. This is because it takes 6-8 weeks for your skin cells to replenish on your face, being completely new by week 8. Like how age spots and surface damage won’t appear overnight, noticeable results will not occur so quickly. Whilst the new skin cells will benefit from your skincare regimen, the old ones would be too damaged to take in the rewards, so give it time for the turnover to happen.

There should be no side effects from a high-quality, well-formulated product. Your skin doesn’t want toxic chemicals, so carefully monitor how it reacts and see what it’s trying to tell you; surface damage isn’t the only damage that occurs. The HydroSkin range, however, will not irritate or make your skin uncomfortable, due to the omission of superfluous chemicals and fragrances. We believe in providing your skin with only the right stuff, at the right amount.

When You Can Reap The Rewards of HydroSkin

Your skin will take in the benefits of HydroSkin immediately because we designed it that way; this doesn’t mean you will see effects straight away. After a couple of weeks using HydroSkin, you may notice your skin is more supple, hydrated and clear. This is due to the C Moisturiser keeping in the goodness from the Hydro Mist and [HA] Serum. Many people think moisturisers add moisture to your skin, but it actually keeps the moisture in that is already there.

However, don’t be disheartened if that’s all the change you can see. It’s between the 6–8 week mark that you will truly reap the compliments and rewards. Your skin will be brighter, clearer, more even and more taut. Fine lines will begin to fade away, and a youthful glow will appear.


Using HydroSkin Effectively

Like all things that are worthwhile, you must put in the effort. Consistency is key for obtaining the results you want, and that includes using the products properly. The longer you use HydroSkin, the more benefits will you see.

After cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser, make sure your face, neck and chest are covered completely with 10–12 pumps of the Hydro Mist; a few just won’t do anything. Once the treatment has settled, apply the [HA] Serum using 3­–4 pumps rubbed between your hands. Your face should be damp and glistening all over. Before it dries, apply 3–4 pumps of C Moisturiser to your hands and spread around the same area that the [HA] Serum was applied. We recommend applying whilst your face is still moist because it helps glide the moisturiser over evenly and easily. Do not skip this step, as the serum will have the opposite effect and dry out your skin if there are no high-quality emollients to seal the moisture in. This whole process should take less than 90 seconds.

Even though we recommend using the 3 Steps after every shower, or whenever you clean your face, twice a day is sufficient enough. In the morning, you must apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to your face and neck. UV rays are one of the biggest factors in prematurely aged skin and superficial damage. There is no point in using anti-ageing products if you don’t protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen should be the last skincare product applied before makeup. At night, the C Moisturiser is rich enough to work its magic whilst you rest, but won’t clog pores. 

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Excited to receive the new C moisturiser and now really enjoying the expanded range! I’m well and truly into my new three-step regime and loving it. Easy and effective.

sylvia griffin March 17, 2016

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