Decoding Skincare Ingredients: What's Actually in Your Bottle?

Have you ever properly looked at the back of your skincare bottle? Other than to glance at the instructions. Or wondered about the correlation between what’s claimed on the packaging and the reality that’s hidden away in the long ingredients paragraph?
                                                                                                                                       Well, let us break it down for you, with reference to our Hyaluronic Acid [HA] Serum.
HydroSkin’s philosophy is all active ingredients, no claim ingredients. This means simple, pure, truly effective skincare with no false claims. And no false claims =  no false expectations.

Active Ingredients vs Claims Ingredients

An active ingredient simply means an ingredient that has a significant benefit to
your skin. For an active ingredient to be effective, it needs to be used in the right
quantity and the correct context. 

Claims ingredients are active ingredients added in tiny amounts to a formula so the
manufacturer can make advertising and marketing claims about their product
having benefits to your skin, often based on buzz words or ingredients that have
performed well in clinical trials. However, claims ingredients are not added in
quantities great enough to have any actual effect.

Why don’t they just add them in the correct amounts? Because it costs too much.
If a company knows they can sell you a product by name dropping an ingredient
that is popular or proven to work, without having to spend the money on the right
quantity or quality ingredients, they will. Regardless of whether the ingredient is
included in a level that will make it effective.

For example, a serum claiming to include the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid as an ingredient may contain less then 0.1% HA. Meaning any claims made in relation to the findings of clinical trials are redundant when the clinical trials are tested with active ingredients in  higher quantities. The product would otherwise be made up of fillers and aesthetic enhancers like silicones that make the cream feel nice but which can limit the efficacy of active ingredients.  Silicones are occlusive and essentially block Hyaluronic Acid from penetrating the epidermis.


Our [HA] Serum's ingredients list compared to a competitors.
Our price, $79. Their Price, $286.

The HydroSkin Difference

So what’s in our bottle? HydroSkin’s HA serum is the only pure Hyaluronic Acid serum available on the market. The super light gel contains 40% high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and 60% ultra-low weight Hyaluronic Acid. That’s IT! We choose mini HA as our ultra-low Hyaluronic Acid as it has the tiniest molecular weight for superior penetration. It is derived from plants not animals and it is extracted by a patented, non-corrosive process.

Our [HA] Serum = only HA, no filers, no aesthetic enhancers - just pure Hyaluronic Acid.

Our [HA] Serum

High vs Low Quality Ingredients

Another barrier preventing honest, effective skincare is the financial appeal of low quality ingredients. Manufactures often choose the cheapest form of Hyaluronic Acid available, which has a high molecular weight. While this has some topical benefits, it won’t penetrate the epidermis to where it’s needed - the basal layer (between the dermis and the epidermis) where skin cells are made. But you’ll find the same claims emblazoned across the product’s packaging, or the even more misleading description of the product as a Hyaluronic Acid serum or cream. Because if the ingredient has been included, the claim is technically legal.

HydroSkin does not use claims ingredients in any of their products. All our active ingredients are present in qualities equal to or greater than the amounts used in clinical trials. Meaning our products have the same, if not better, results.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a scientifically controlled trial, usually conducted by an independent person or organisation that tests the effectiveness of active ingredients. Big manufactures piggy back on these independent clinical trials to justify their 'claims' ingredients. What they don’t tell you is they are using a fraction of the amount that has been clinically proven to have specific results.

What HA Can Do For You

Hyaluronic Acid is present in virtually all our products, always in active not claims quantities. The star however is our [HA] serum. It is a vital part of getting the extraordinary benefits that Hyaluronic Acid can produce for your skin and is a key part of our core 3 Steps range.

Hyaluronic Acid has been proven to be highly effective on all skin types. If applied in the proper amounts, it hydrates the skin and feeds collagen and elastin, resulting in healthy skin growth. Ideally a product should contain both high and ultra-low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. High molecular weight will sit in the first layers of the epidermis and help to plump and even the skin on top of your face. Ultra-low molecular weight HA will continue the journey through the epidermis and reach the basal layer to ensure that new skin cells are healthy and being produced at a higher rate. As we age the natural amount of hyaluronic acid found it our dermis declines. There is less ‘cell food’ and therefore we produce fewer new skin cells, meaning our skin thins. Think of ultra-low molecular weight HA as fertilising the production of new skin cells by increasing the skin’s hydration.

So remember our philosophy - more is more when it comes to applying your skincare, but less is more when it comes to the ingredients list. The more ingredients, the more likely your skincare is filled with claims ingredients, fillers and extenders, and the less likely it is to work.

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