The innovation for HydroSkin came from an ongoing conversation between two best friends, she with a forensic curiosity about skincare, and he with experience in what is behind the marketing of high-end beauty products.

The theme of their conversations started as:

“So what’s in these products anyway and does our skin want it?”

“Ignoring the sales pitch, what really works to improve the health and appearance of skin and why does it work?”

What began as a personal interest rapidly turned into an obsession to critically examine the claims made for skincare ingredients. After a year of reading scientific papers, reviewing controlled trials, talking to research chemists and cosmetic formulators they concluded that hyaluronic acid was a must have ingredient in skincare, everyone’s skincare. Among the other real heroes are niacinamide (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), ascorbic acid and retinol.

So the conversation changed to:

“We know this stuff works, so why is it so hard to find it in a pure, effective form?”

“If we can’t buy it, we are going to have to make it.”

“If we are going to make it, it has to be honest, ethical and tested on us, not other animals.”

Of course Hydroskin did not come about because of just two people. HydroSkin sincerely thanks the experts that gave their time and advice, the researchers that publish their findings in the open domain, the formulators that were happy to share their knowledge and the many friends and colleagues who offered to test and critically evaluate HydroSkin products as they were developed.

The research and testing has not stopped and probably never will, however the philosophy behind HydroSkin will remain simple, “there is no point in selling you a skincare product unless your skin wants it”.

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