Winter - Squalane Oil

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15 ml | .5 fl oz

Our Winter Oil is super fine and quickly absorbed by the skin. Applied to hydrated skin it holds the moisture in without leaving any greasy residue. It is more occlusive (protective of moisture loss) than moisturiser alone and mimics the oils found naturally in skin without clogging pores or promoting acne. In addition to protecting against moisture loss, Winter Oil contains Davidson Plum to promote the production of collagen and elastin.

Active Ingredients
Squalane (a super fine vegetable derived oil) is one of the most common lipids produced by human skin cells. It is a natural moisturiser that helps lubricate and waterproof the skin. Squalane is a truly excellent emollient that will soften and moisturise very dry and ageing skin without greasy residue.

Davidson plum seed (in a Hazelnut oil suspension) is an indigenous fruit that grows in the rainforests of North Queensland. It is rich in antioxidants and contains anthocyanin, a flavonoid that helps in the prevention of wrinkles by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Hazelnut oil is known as the ‘dry oil’. It is antibacterial and helps reduce pimples and blackheads.

How to Apply
After applying Hydro Mist and [HA] Serum. Apply 2+ pumps of winter oil to face, neck and chest. Follow with C Moisturiser.

Who is it for?
Suitable for all types of skin.



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Customer Reviews

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