The HS Story - Part 1: Our Place in Skincare History


The creators of HydroSkin developed their unique line of skincare in response to the lack of honest, effective products on the market. They wanted high quality ingredients in amounts which elicited actual results. Not false claims, fillers and preservatives. The two sought to make skincare with minimal ingredients and maximum results.

Initially it was only intended for personal use, but as their research into ingredients and competitors continued, they identified a need to develop a different type of skincare.

One of HydroSkin’s founders was brought up by women who have been deeply passionate about skincare since the early twentieth century. Her grandmother, mother and aunts all made their own personal skincare.

These women:

  • Understood the power of Vitamin C
  • Loved and appreciated the benefits of high end natural oils like avocado oil, olive oil, hazelnut oil and squalene
  • Understood the importance of cleansing but sought to do it without soap
  • Were naturalists who preferred plant based products
  • Couldn't live without the natural power of a sea salt scrub

In part, their association came from a medical background and knowledge, a maternal family of professional women in a time where this was not the mainstream. They were doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

HydroSkin Care History Petrie Dishes

She learnt from these sophisticated, intelligent women who were passionate about effective, quality ingredients. She watched her family read and critique skincare labels. They discussed what worked, what didn’t work and why. Before it become the buzzword of the cosmetic industry, they understood the power of hydration, hydration, hydration!

Her grandmother knew and supported Helena Rubinstein and although they were from different worlds, their common interest was skincare. Before cosmeceuticals (big business, false claims) came along, these women looked at skincare in the context of chemistry and science.

HydroSkin Care Helena Rubinstien Lab

Because of her family background, she became sceptical when the cosmeceutical industry developed. The thing that really annoyed her was that most products contained beneficial ingredients in such small quantities that they were purely there for marketing claims and had no actual effect on the skin.

When creating HydroSkin, she looked at the correlation between certain ingredients and clinical trials and examined their scientific and chemical makeup. Then she used her knowledge of the body and skin functions to fuse these two factors. First, for skincare to be beneficial you must have the right type of ingredients in the correct amounts. Second, you have to get rid of all the fillers and aesthetic enhancers that often compete or stop the active ingredients from having any effect.

HydroSkin Care Friut Vegetable Lab

Her grandfather always said, “you can find a cure for everything within nature”. For example: aspirin, which comes from the bark of a plant. He believed ultimately if you wanted to find a cure for something you looked to nature, and that’s a key philosophy at HydroSkin!

Watching and learning from her family and constantly hearing the mantra “look after your skin”, one of our founders has her family to thank for instilling in her the core values HydroSkin was founded on.

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