Real Women of HydroSkin: Lorrie Graham

We are excited to introduce our second Real Women of HydroSkin ambassador, Lorrie Graham. 


Lorrie is an acclaimed photojournalist who has been honoured in the Australian Media Hall of Fame. From the frontlines of the first Gulf War in Iraq to photographing Australian icons here at home, her life is never boring or predictable. But when it comes to her beauty routine, Lorrie is all about a routine. Which is why she’s been a loyal fan of HydroSkin and our 3 Step Set for the last 5 years.

“I need a skincare ritual or I won’t do it. That’s the reason HydroSkin has worked for me. It’s a fantastic ritual.” Lorrie Graham

We sat down with Lorrie to find out more about her incredible career as a female photography pioneer along with her thoughts on beauty and using HydroSkin.

Who are the Real Women of HydroSkin?


Real Women of HydroSkin is a celebration of real women who have experienced real results from using HydroSkin’s skincare range. Each of these women are inspirational in their own right, sharing not only stories of their skin successes but also their everyday achievements and personal words of wisdom for fellow females.

A Female Photography Pioneer

“I started out shooting film for Rolling Stone. I’ve got images from Tina Turner on tour with Dire Straits. I have a cover of Paul Keating wearing Ray Bans, which is pretty iconic. It’s a huge raft. A big collection of imagery.

Being a photojournalist, the job is bringing stories back. So you go out and actually get access to pics that nobody necessarily gets and that’s the way I like to travel. I have never travelled on the notion of it being a holiday. I’ve always travelled with the notion of coming back with stories. So I miss that dreadfully. I have done an incredible amount of travel around this country. And even though everybody sort of says 'go on and see your own country', there are lots of places I can’t go back to because they are no longer what I remember. So I would very much like to get back on a plane and travel.” 

Ageing Gracefully

“[My] advice to women about how they feel about ageing: I would say be curious.

It is an absolute privilege to age and you should be curious about the way you age. It’s not about beauty. Beauty is kind of like the person you are and the person you project; it’s not about whether or not you have lines on your face. And if you have lines on your face, they are there for a reason.”

Using HydroSkin 3 Step Set

“I need a ritual or I won’t do it. The reason [HydroSkin] has worked for me for the last 4-5 years is it’s a fantastic ritual. It has steps which means it’s a very simple process for me and something I can get up in the morning and do. I noticed that my skin was clearer after using it for about 3 months. It’s always much more hydrated than it’s ever been using these products. 

I also particularly love the fact that it’s Australian made; it's a local product. I like to encourage and support local businesses. But, I also love that it’s using products like Kakadu plum, which is a local Indigenous grown product.” 

“The price point of HydroSkin is remarkable for the product quality that it is.” Lorrie Graham

Morning Rituals

“On Sunday mornings I get up at 5:30am, collect my friend Colleen, and we go to Bondi Beach. We walk two laps of the beach and then we go to Bondi Icebergs, swim laps, then sit in the sauna for 10-15 minutes. The absolute icing on the cake and the true delight of the morning is jumping back into the cool because it makes you feel like your hair has grown an inch. I cannot think of anything better. It is just the most exquisite, perfect moment.” 

Celebrating Women Over 50

Lorrie launched her own blog, to showcase the style and stories of women over 50 after she struggled to find other publications that authentically represented women her age.

“I started my blog 5 years ago. I used to buy Vogue’s ‘Age’ issue: it was the only Vogue that ever had women over 50. It was a very inspiring issue. And then I bought the latest one and instead of those women [aged] 70, 60, 50 as the models, they had used 18-year olds as 'this is the look for 50', 'this is the look for 60', 'this is the look for 70'. They had even moved on from using real women in the Age issue. And I thought, ‘nobody is talking to me anymore’. So I just decided to start my own blog [to] concentrate and shine the light on women over 50 because I think they are very interesting and a lot of the most stylist women I know are over 50. 

Recently I photographed a fabulous woman called Joyce Ma who is 80 and an extraordinary women. She is so stylish. Joyce’s story is that she started the store ‘Joyce’ in Hong Kong. She was responsible for taking style back to Asia. She had a range of very high-end boutiques. I remember standing outside a Joyce Boutique in Hong Kong; I don’t think I was ever game enough to go in. A friend of mine introduced me to her and I did a style shoot with [Joyce]. That post has been the most popular post I’ve done on the blog so far.”


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