What Causes Free Radicals?

Grapefruit Still Life | HydroSkInCareWhat are free radicals?

And just to be clear we are not talking about the type of individual that goes to Burning Man.

Free radicals are molecules that are everywhere, both within us and in our environment. They cause the deterioration of plastics, the fading of paint, - for the skin – visible ageing.

Free radicals are unpaired electron; they are one half of a whole. To complete themselves they steal an electron from a healthy cell, thus turning this unsuspecting healthy cell into another free radical. It is a chain reaction.

What causes free radicals?

#1 not to be overlooked or underestimated – UV / sun exposure!  
Pollution - Cigarette Smoke
Poor diet – Lack of rest

So, how does are body fight these wild cells?


An antioxidant is any molecule that can neutralise free radicals.

Research shows antioxidants can improve cell function, increase collagen production, improve elasticity, create healthier, younger skin and reduce sun damage, but improvement takes time. You must commit to your skin, commit to change, it does not happen overnight. 

Vitamin C = The ultimate antioxidant

We LOVE Vitamin C!!!

HS Kakadu Plum Serum is 100% Vitamin C – that’s it. Kakadu Plum is the worlds most potent natural vitamin C, 100 times stronger than an orange. 

HS Vitamin C Moisturiser contains Vitamin C (AAP) is a revolutionary, stable form of Vitamin C.

Both these products are highly effective at countering the effects of free radicals. 

Transform damaged skin: wrinkles, fine lines, uneven tones and blemishes

Into glowing, radiant skin

  • use sunscreen every day
  • drink plenty of water 
  • maintain a healthy diet 
  • take care with your lifestyle
  • and have a dedicated skincare routine! 

 Fight free radicals! 


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