HydroSkinCare Manifesto Text Post

1. Innovative

We fuse cutting edge chemistry with high-quality natural ingredients to create unique products with proven results.  Our unique wet-layering application technique prevents the loss of active ingredients from evaporation and seals in hydration with occlusive moisturising.

2. Honest

We believe in full transparency. All our results, claims and before and after images are 100% legitimate. Each product has been stripped back to contain the most beneficial ingredients, proven to enhance skin or increase the safety of the formulation. You will never find toxins, extenders, fillers, parabens, sulphates, fragrances or any other nasties in our skincare, these additives compromise the pathway to healthy skin.

3. Effective

All our active ingredients are included in percentages higher than certified in clinical trials. This means each product is proven to produce real and effective results. Our range is versatile and has benefits for all skin types and ages. Our products slow the ageing process for younger users, and for our older demographic, help reverse it.  

4. Useful

The versatility of our products isn’t just limited to preventing or reducing the signs of ageing. There is a myriad of secondary benefits –reducing allergies, psoriasis, rosacea and acne, strengthening hair and nails, increasing eyelash length and volume… the list goes on! Our customers are always letting us know about the extra benefits they discover. 

5. Understandable

Our motivation, ingredients, products and instructions are simple and straightforward. We want the HydroSkin experience to be as easy and rewarding as possible for our customers. We are always happy and willing to engage with people who have enquiries or want to know more about our brand and/or the way our products work. Never hesitate to reach out or make an appointment to chat in person.

6. Thorough to the Last Detail

We make our products in small batches in our own lab. This ensures the integrity of our ingredients and gives us complete control over the process and formula, making sure we deliver the freshest, most effective products possible. Each product goes through thorough stages of testing and refinement and is only placed on the market when our formulators are completely satisfied.  

7. Aesthetic

We designed our branding and packaging to reflect the modern, minimal, sophisticated nature of our products. The functional ease of our bottles makes the process of applying HydroSkin quick and straightforward, while our airless packaging ensures the utmost hygiene.
8. Proven

Each of our products is scientifically proven to better skin’s health and reduce the signs of ageing. We do not use claims ingredients, only active ingredients, which produce results proven by clinical trials. There are no gimmicks with HydroSkin, only simple products with effective results.

9. Transparent

We strongly believe in transparency.  It is paramount that our customers know what is in their products, where the ingredients are sourced, and the way they will affect their skin. All our ingredient information is available online, ensuring full clarity.

10. Authentic

Our creators initially developed HydroSkin for personal use, in response to the lack of honest, effective products on the market. They wanted high-quality ingredients in amounts which elicited actual results. This level of quality established a precedent which HydroSkin will continue to stand by – high-quality skincare with real, effective benefits.

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